Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Angelina Valentina

And she was ghetto
As dirty as the bottom of her high-heeled stilettos
I couldn't believe that she got as far as she got
Like fresh food, gone rotten

Angelina Valentina

A bad girl, A trick
A lover, A fighter
A cold-hearted bitch
Running through the times, leave this shit behind
She wasn't even fine, she was average

But everybody loved the way her titties and her assets
She was the classic hoe that you love to hate
Maybe that you love to date
That can make a man break
Get in close and then flip like a pancake

She told lies the same ones told to her
She was out to get everything she thought was owed to her
And if you show to her any sign of weakness,
She'll stab you in your back and leave you speechless

Angelina Valentina

She just decided that she'd fuck her way to the top
Not a bad idea for a girl who got what she got
But not just the body, the brains
Raw steel, sex appeal, it's all the same

She had a way of spitting game better than most dudes
But as soon as you get close to her heart then you're old news
That's how she rose through
A thorn on a rose who had horns on her head
And did exactly what the hoes do

She was up for sale
Not afraid to go to jail
Going through her man's mail, looking through his handheld
You could tell she was a filthy young hooker
Her mind state was crooked that's why everybody shook her
But that's why everybody loved and respected her
Daddy neglected her mama rejected her
So she lived by the code on the street
Man to man, plan to plan
Her life was cheap

Wicked foul, poisonous vixen
Black widow, little girl, who's your next victim?
Madam redemption, sexual tension
Heaven in between the walls of the fifth dimension

Voodoo woman, who do you love?
Besides your own bullshit, what are you thinking of?
Other than the surface, shallow end of the pool
Now who's the stupid fool,
Her or the one she trapped?
Long walk to the top stepping on people's backs

Angelina Valentina, she doesn't know how to act
There she comes, there she goes, I can't believe she did that

One man's queen is one man's slut
And one girl's dream is blind and twisted up
She never really knew her own purpose in life
Part-time hoe part-time wife

Angelina Valentina

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